by Dieudonné Manirakiza

The divide between the rich and poor came up a few times as a theme during the 2011 Denver Worldwork. This divide results in the exploitation of the poor by the rich at different levels of society. The consequences are that the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. This situation gets even worse when the rich are not aware of the sufferings of the poor or simply because the rich don’t want to know. This might be due to lack of awareness or the feeling of helplessness in front of the whole issue of poverty in the world. The feeling of helplessness exists on both sides when the poor are trapped in endless poverty.

by Jean-Claude Audergon from the financial plan written with Mike FitterPat Black and Andy Smith

An unfolding of the patterns and dreaming behind RSPOPUK has resulted in new structures and roles.

I first went on a vision quest, true to my Process Work training, and what we could call ‘shamanic practice’, as I normally do when I set out on any project. I went to the nearby Park and walked for a long time musing on my central questions – What structure would make the future of rspopuk sustainable?

by Kim Ward 

I would like to announce some changes to the library. The current system isn’t working effectively and I as librarian am losing sight of dissertations, who has borrowed them etc... I am very pleased that they are being read as they are an invaluable source of process work information.

As more information is available, free of charge on the internet, going to the trouble of paying a library fee and postage seems out of date. However, hardback dissertations are still being used, and send around informally between students. I do ask that you keep track of them, and also make sure I am kept in the loop about their whereabouts. hardback copies are a physical ease to read. If you have finished with them please return them to the library. I would like some payments as I cannot afford to pay out all the time for their maintenance and postage. We are currently £140 pounds in credit so if this ticks along we can develop this service.