by Jake Roseman

Jake RosemanI wanted to write an article to describe my first Worldwork conference, which I attended in Denver, CO, USA in April this year but as I write this I also want to write about what Worldwork means to me now. Part of the reason I liked being in Worldwork was that there was an emphasis on embracing all perspectives around the political and social issues we discussed. We celebrated diversity of people, some 300 from over 30 countries, and also looked at problems with a focus of awareness of what was trying to happen in each situation and supporting all the parts and people to communicate with each other toward contact and relationship outside of conflict.

by Jake Roseman

What was the dream that helped you decide you wanted to study Process Work or is most closely related to the beginning of your studies for you?

The night after I was accepted on to the Foundation Year I had a dream I was watching a DVD of Process Work's beginnings where Arny is sitting in the shop window of a café watching people walking past and he looks depressed. He is middle aged, balding and intense looking (based on Amy's sketches of him working with people in the middle of their seminar in “Riding the Horse Backwards”). Suddenly, “Eureka!”, he hits on the idea of process work/understanding that the nature of the universe is process-oriented and excitedly goes over to tell the café cashier about it. She says she is interested in Arny's ideas but she loves women. Arny chuckles and goes out the shop, looking cheerful about what comes next.