Autumn Intensive Seminar: The World in Relationships

Facilitated by
Arlene Audergon with Anup Karia and Stanya Studentova

London, England : 27th September - 2nd October 2013

Arlene Audergon is teaching the upcoming 6 day Intensive Course, 'The World in Relationship', September 27-October 2, in London. (Camden). together with Anup Karia, Stanya Studentova, and the RSPOP UK faculty.

An underlying idea for this course is that our community and world problems are my personal stories and yours, our family stories, and our intergenerational, collective history and a part of all our relationships. What happens when we facilitate this spot where our personal histories, and collective histories touch, transforming that history and even creating our future together?

Many of us are involved in movements of social change and community development, or work with individuals and families, small or large organisations, trying to bring about a positive contribution. Finding ways to facilitate these dynamics makes a huge difference –to feel less isolated and more compassionate to the whole process, even within difficult and intractable situations.

We will also explore what links us, beyond 1+1, a dreaming field that brings us to life, and makes life worthwhile, cultivating the ability to perceive the relatedness of all parts of the ‘dreaming patterns’ organizing our short and long-term relationships.

We'll focus on the facilitator's development, whether for personal or professional development/ continuing education, including inner work, working with our own relationships; facilitating others in their personal relationships and families; relationship for conflict resolution and community development; and relationships within organizations and teams, including creative teams. The Intensive is also integral to the RSPOPUK Diploma Programme, ( UKCP accredited). Please be in touch with any question on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it To register: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The ‘world in relationship’ refers to how our personal and collective histories get entangled and replayed, but also how we can transform those histories in the ways we relate to each other.

Having the skills to bring awareness to the issues of diversity between us can make a profound difference to our lives personally, and in our relationships and communities.

The intensive provides an opportunity to learn and explore; how to facilitate with awareness of our diversity, including gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, religion, age, health, disability, education, economics, our shared and diverse personal and collective histories. 

Inclusion and relating to all parts
Based on Mindell’s principle of Deep Democracy, we understand relationship work as an opportunity to recognise and facilitate the interaction of all parts of ourselves - and what that means individually and in our personal relationships, in society and between groups and nations.

We will study how easy it is to fall into repeating patterns and polarisations, with all the difficulty this creates... as well as what its like to be able to take part, facilitate and even transform these patterns until we have a deeper contact with ourselves and others.

The Intensive:

We will focus on the following: 

  • Getting to know your personal and collective history, and where it bumps up with others in relationship
  • System awareness – Discovering the nature of process as it manifests at different levels: (intra- psychic, relationship, collective)
  • Relationships in teams, organisations, community and social action
  • Facilitating couples and families
  • Dimensions, dreaming and myths  
  • Conflict resolution and relationships
  • Dynamics of power, rank and complexity
  • Allies, loyalty, how important it is to feel that someone ‘has your back’, and what its like to take everyone’s side
  • Mental health, isolation and relationship
  • Dynamics of trauma, abuse, and accountability
  • Relationship work with someone who has left you or died  
  • Skill training and Facilitator development:  Underneath the polarisations, welcoming and unfolding the interaction of all parts. Byrelationships, we mean with neighbours, or someone on your street, as well as colleagues, friends, family and partners.

Arlene Audergon, PhD. co-founder of RSPOPUK teaches Process Work in the UK and internationally. She is also the Director of CFOR,, dedicated to supporting the potential in communities to work with their tensions and conflicts, for post-war reconstruction and violence prevention and to support multi-cultural societies to meet our challenges and shape our future together. Arlene has also developed methods of applying Process Work to theatre and has worked with many performers, musicians, improvisers, directors and writers. Arlene is author of The War Hotel: Psychological Dynamics in Violent Conflict, John Wiley 2005, and several chapter contributions, articles and handbooks in the areas of collective trauma, conflict resolution, post-conflict reconstruction, mental health and Process Work. 

Intensive Fee: £595
Early Bird August 12th: £565
Organisational Rate : £850
Bursaries: limited amount of work- bursaries. Apply by email. by July 30th

Venue: The London Irish Centre, Camden, London NW1 9XB

1. You are registered with a non-refundable deposit of £ 100

2. For more information or to register, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

3. Ask for an invoice for the £ 100 deposit or a link to on-line registration.

4. If you have special needs, let us know. If you would like assistance to find a place to stay in London, please get in touch.

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