Processwork is a cross-disciplinary approach to individual and collective change. It is applied in psychotherapy, dream and body work, conflict resolution, creativity and the arts, mental health, the environment, organisational development and Worldwork. Processwork UK (RSPOPUK) offers publics seminars, a post-graduate UKCP – United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy accredited psychotherapy training programme, a Processwork International Diploma training as well as one year series on specific themes. The annual Foundation Year is intrinsic part of the training and can be taken on its own.

..... what has been before us, why we have come into being, and where our lives are flowing?
This flow has a geometry - the path is an arrow, a vector.
It is, as Jung said 'a story that has no beginning and end'.

Arnold Mindell

Winter Intensive on Innerwork and the Creative Process

London, 4th to 9th February 2015

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We'd like to welcome you! 

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Facilitation for Leaders, CFOR’s Annual Training Programme

In collaboration with RSPOPUK, the CFOR one year Facilitation for Leaders annual training can be taken with some amendments as first year of the diploma programme.

Facilitated by Jean-Claude and Arlene Audergon

This 6 modular course offers training in facilitation, organisational and community development, diversity awareness and conflict resolution.
In past years, participants of this course have tended to be either working or leading within NGOs, human rights and peace-building organisations, community groups, business, social movements, and/or artistic companies. The course is great for people interested in personal as well as project development.  We will focus on leadership qualities and facilitation skills to support you in your work, or in your training, whether you are working independently as a facilitator, or part of a team or organisation.

Group Facilitation and Community Building

Facilitated by Arlene Audergon Ph.D and Jean-Claude Audergon MSc
This intensive course is co-sponsored by CFOR and RSPOPUK.  

Six Day Autumn Intensive
London, 5th to 10th October 2014

The essence of this intensive course is the relationship between your personal awareness and your contribution to community.
The course provides training in facilitation skills and conflict resolution for personal, organisational and community development and social movements.

Mornings include inner work, presentations, demonstrations, large group process, debrief and analysis. Afternoons include small group facilitation practice, large group (fishbowl) case studies, discussion and formulation of questions and learning.
It is a chance to grasp the relationship between inner work and collective change, as well as practice  facilitation skills in the kind of environment in which you can stretch your knowledge and skills, and learn, while also having some fun within a dynamic learning community. 

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Open House Evening Processwork UK

Join us for Presentations and Conversations

London, Novemer 25th at 6:30-9:30 pm

We would like to invite you to our second Open House evening in London.  It's an opportunity to meet  and share questions and discussion about Processwork and our events and training programmes. 

There will be several short presentations from students and faculty on some of the ways we apply Processwork both professionally and personally, and   on some of the research areas we are engaged in.


There will be drinks and light refreshments.


We'd like to welcome you! 

Please RSVP by email

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