Process Oriented Psychology (Process Work) is a cross-disciplinary approach to individual and collective change. It is applied in personal psychotherapy, dream and body work, conflict resolution, creativity and the arts, mental health, the environment, organisational development and worldwork. RSPOPUK offers psychotherapy training accredited through the UKCP.

..... what has been before us, why we have come into being, and where our lives are flowing?
This flow has a geometry - the path is an arrow, a vector.
It is, as Jung said 'a story that has no beginning and end'.

Arnold Mindell

Group Facilitation and Community Building

Facilitated by Arlene Audergon Ph.D and Jean-Claude Audergon MSc
This intensive course is co-sponsored by CFOR and RSPOPUK.  

Six Day Autumn Intensive
London, 5th to 10th October 2014

The essence of this intensive course is the relationship between your personal awareness and your contribution to community.
The course provides training in facilitation skills and conflict resolution for personal, organisational and community development and social movements.

Mornings include inner work, presentations, demonstrations, large group process, debrief and analysis. Afternoons include small group facilitation practice, large group (fishbowl) case studies, discussion and formulation of questions and learning.
It is a chance to grasp the relationship between inner work and collective change, as well as practice  facilitation skills in the kind of environment in which you can stretch your knowledge and skills, and learn, while also having some fun within a dynamic learning community. 

Early bird rate by September 1

Facilitation for Leaders. CFOR's Annual Training Programme


Applications begin June 15 2014   

Facilitated by Jean-Claude and Arlene Audergon
This 6 modular course offers training in facilitation, organisational and community development, diversity awareness and conflict resolution.
In past years, participants of this course have tended to be either working or leading within NGOs, human rights and peace-building organisations, community groups, business, social movements, and/or artistic companies. The course is great for people interested in personal as well as project development.  We will focus on leadership qualities and facilitation skills to support you in your work, or in your training, whether you are working independently as a facilitator, or part of a team or organisation.

Creativity, Power and Leadership

Seminar with Drs. Max and Ellen Schupbach

London, University of London Union
November 22 - 24, 2013

Strategic, Emotional, and Spiritual Aspects of Creating Sustainable Change in Yourself, Your Life, Your Team, and Your Organisation.

Join us for our seminar on how to create new cultures in your life, your team, and your organization in a world that matters to you.
Deep Democracy Leadership is a creative path that doesn’t focus on managing change, but instead notices, frames and co-creates emerging futuristic solutions to existing issues and dilemmas.
For some of us, this is a strategic effort to bring creativity and counter culture into what we do; for others, it is an emotional reality that shows where and how we can be active in a way that feels good to our health and sustains our relationships; for others, it is a deeply spiritual path of following a calling that we cannot always explain even to ourselves, asking for our courage to follow the unknown.

Download this file (flyerCreatPowLead13.pdf)flyerCreatPowLead13.pdf143 Kb

Autumn Intensive Seminar: The World in Relationships

Facilitated by
Arlene Audergon with Anup Karia and Stanya Studentova

London, England : 27th September - 2nd October 2013

Arlene Audergon is teaching the upcoming 6 day Intensive Course, 'The World in Relationship', September 27-October 2, in London. (Camden). together with Anup Karia, Stanya Studentova, and the RSPOP UK faculty.

An underlying idea for this course is that our community and world problems are my personal stories and yours, our family stories, and our intergenerational, collective history and a part of all our relationships. What happens when we facilitate this spot where our personal histories, and collective histories touch, transforming that history and even creating our future together?

Many of us are involved in movements of social change and community development, or work with individuals and families, small or large organisations, trying to bring about a positive contribution. Finding ways to facilitate these dynamics makes a huge difference –to feel less isolated and more compassionate to the whole process, even within difficult and intractable situations.

We will also explore what links us, beyond 1+1, a dreaming field that brings us to life, and makes life worthwhile, cultivating the ability to perceive the relatedness of all parts of the ‘dreaming patterns’ organizing our short and long-term relationships.

Download this file (PROGRAMME OUTLINE - THE WORLD IN RELATIONSHIPS 2013 copy.pdf)The World In Relationships240 Kb

The Body's Role in Awareness: A Six day intensive training seminar

Facilitated by
Jean-Claude Audergon with a team from the RSPOPUK faculty

London: 25th - 30th January 2013, Friday 10 am - Wednesday 4 pm

RSPOPUK’s training programme annually holds two Intensives during Winter and Autumn Semesters. Intensives are for anyone interested in personal development and/or professional training, as well as forming an integral part of our Foundation and UKCP accredited Psychotherapy Diploma Programmes.

"What we see in our dreams, we feel in our bodies. Likewise, what we experience in our bodies we can find in our dreams." Arnold Mindell

This 6-Day Intensive course focuses on the role of the body in one’s awareness development. The central tier of the Intensive will be to learn to work with body experiences, such as symptoms, illness, pain, momentary and chronic symptoms, intended and unintended communication, posture and more subtle body experiences. This includes perceptual awareness to unfold the meaning within altered states as well as near death and coma experiences.

The Shaman's Gift: A Six day intensive training seminar

with Jean-Claude Audergon, Gill Emslie, Andy Smith and RSPOPUK faculty

in London 25th - 30th August 2012 Friday 10 noon - Wednesday 4 pm

A six-day Process Work facilitator training - The Shamans Gift will delve deeply into one’s personal calling, bringing a deeper understanding of oneself and bridging the individual and community.

If you are a therapist, coach, trainer, team leader, community activist or leading a project, Process Work theory, ideas, tools and skills are here to access and frame your experiences and unfold their usefulness in daily, personal and professional life. By its very nature, this work helps you access your own inner source of creativity in ways that will surprise.

Download this file (TheShamansGiftFlyer.pdf)The Shaman's Gift Flyer432 Kb

Global Change International Conference

A Forum for Sustainable Group Process Methods in Working with Social Challenges

28th – 30th April 2012, Volkshaus, Zurich 

Since the beginning of the world economic crisis, the social tensions in Europe and in other parts of the world have increased considerably. These transformations are a matter of concern to all of us. And they raise the question of which methods are suitable to facilitate the current transformation processes in our communities and organisations.

This three-day conference has the aim to create a forum for representatives from various sustainable methods and by doing so to create a signalling effect:

We are the world:

Power, Privilege, Marginalisation and Oppression as Potential Sources for Deep Connection

 with Jan Dworkin Ph.D

A Three Day Workshop
Findhorn, Scotland  7th to 9th November 2014

Our relationships take place in a context - the world. The patterns and hierarchical strucutres of the social world impact our personal psychology, our conditioning and our way of relating. Our most extreme relationship difficulties may not be due to our personal issues only.
This seminar is open to individuals and couple, newcomers to Processwork as well as seasoned learners. 

Download this file (We are the World Flyer.pdf)We are the World Flyer.pdf420 Kb

Dreamwork: Dreaming and the Night-time Dream

Jean-Claude Audergon with Iona Fredenburgh and a team from the RSPOPUK faculty

London: 7th - 12th February 2014, Friday 10 am - Wednesday 4 pm

FInd your orientation in the dreaming process and live the essence of your dreams in everyday life. A seminar for personal and/or professional development.

The Intensive is organised by RSPOPUK, which has a UKCP accredited psychotherapy training programme. The training is meant for anyone interested in dreams and in cultivating and enhancing their knowledge of Processwork methods for use in their personal and continuing professional development.

There will be a comprehensive focus on exploring night dreams and ways to work with them, as well as how to develop our abilities to enter the ‘dreaming’ and develop lucid awareness of the dreaming, sentient and consensus reality dimensions, while awake – and how this can transform your understanding of difficult situations you meet in life. Watch this video to get more on the background and download a Flyer below.

Open House, London and Edinburgh

Join us for Presentations and Conversations

London, December 11th at 6 pm
Edinburgh December 11th at 6:30 pm

People often contact us to ask about Processwork and we would like to be able to respond more fully.
This Open House is meant as an opportunity to meet and to invite questions and conversation about Processwork and our events and training programmes.
A few students, practitioners and faculty will also briefly present some of their dreams, research and activities.

Find our about he varied applications of Processwork and our public events, seminars, Intensives, class series, forums, as well as one-year programmes and a Diploma programme.
We’d like to welcome you. 

Read more in the attached flyers.

Unintentional Music: Releasing Creativity and Transforming Stage Fright

Facilitated by
Lane Arye

Cooper Hall near Frome in Somerset, England : 26th - 28th April 2013, Friday 18:00 Sunday 16:00

Whenever we create, just like in other areas of our lives, some things happen that do not go along with our intentions.  The unintentional aspects of the music we make – the unwanted note, the cracked voice, the strange croaking sound we try to avoid, the rhythmic problem we cannot erase even after hours of practice – contain more wisdom than we think.  They are intimations of parts of ourselves, and of our music, that lie beyond our awareness.  Exploring the unintentional with curiosity and love can help us to tap into the wellsprings of our deepest creativity, and make our music, and ultimately our lives, more authentic, meaningful, and original.

Lane is a singer and songwriter, as well as an internationally known Process Worker and workshop leader who has helped thousands of people worldwide transform themselves and their creativity. Watch a video or download the attached flyer.

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Research Studio

A Research Studio on the Application of Process Work in the World.

Notting Hill Gate London. U.K. 30th November - 1st December 2012

A participative studio for sharing and exploring Process-Oriented research into facilitation and psychotherapy

Process Work involves a willingness to be open to what’s emerging. Come and hear about others’ research and share your own research journey – wherever you are on it.

Everyone is welcome - whether or not you identify as a researcher, or a Process Worker – join us to share and explore the spirit of enquiry.

It’s a myth that research is an individual activity – it happens in community, through sharing, collaborating, and how you orient yourself in relation to what already exists. This studio will offer a range of formats to support and to study the process of doing and sharing research.

The Key to Life: A Global Approach to Personal and World Problems

A seminar with Arny and Amy Mindell

London 3-5 May 2012

Body, World Conflict, Financial and Ecological problems are interconnected with local and global problems….as we all know.

They require both local and global teamwork. But until now, our human race has not seemed especially gifted at this. Of course, catastrophes force us to work together. However we will suggest that besides catastrophes, a more global method to resolve recurring personal and planetary problems.

We call this method, “the facilitator as dreamer”. This method is an ultimately practical method of dealing with many unsolved personal +world problems. Perhaps you sensed in quiet moments, something moving you. We will show that this spirit of process, described five thousand years ago as the “Tao that can’t be said” can help us today.

Grundtvig - European Learning Partnership

grundtvigIn 2009 - 2011 RSPOPUK has received European Union Grundtvig funding as part of the Partnership project “Learning at the Gates of Diversity”.

Read more about this incredible project and its impact.